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Post  Wed, Sep 04 2019, 2:03 pm
Isn't the public transportation in Baltimore very dangerous?

Although officially it is a public bus line, the buses run only to/from the day schools and there are separate buses for each school. They pick up the kids at a designated route and then drop them off at school in the morning, and the reverse in the afternoon, with different buses for each dismissal times (elementary, middle school, high school). No one else is on the bus. The cost is $1.40 each ride.
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Post  Thu, Sep 05 2019, 10:33 am
Hi, I'm interested in finding out more about Baltimore.

1) A relative who lives there told me that no one makes it with two full-time working parents. Is that true? ETA: She meant that no one manages to have two full-time working parents because of the need for carpools, that all families have at least one parent with a flexible schedule. My question is if it's possible to live reasonably comfortably there with one parent working full-time and one parent working part-time.

2) If it's not, how much does a family of 4 need to earn in order to live without going paycheck-to-paycheck?

3) How much is babysitting out of the house? What about in-house?

4) Tell me about elementary schools for boys- we're middle-of-the-road yeshivish.

5) General pros and cons?


1) Both my husband and myself work full time. We make it work. He got permission to come a drop late to drive carpool on the way to work and leaves a drop late. I go to work a bit earlier so I can be home earlier. For playgroup, I rely on neighbors and family to take my kids and pay people to drive them home where I hired someone to watch my preschool/elem school kids until I get home. It takes time to co-ordinate, but if you are determined, it can totally work.

2) Depends which area in town. If you live in a 700k house, your mortgage will be a lot higher than a 250K house. You have to evaluate your needs and expenses.

3) Childcare really depends. Some daycares charge between $5-6.50 an hour. I currently have in-house. I pay her $14 an hour, but I share her with other families so it comes out really affordable per hour per family. However, a few formal daycares shut down out of choice and a few illegal ones have been shut down by the city, so childcare now in general is more challenging to find--but not impossible.

4) There are 3 all boys schools. People will say TI is more yeshivish. It used to be, but now more diverse. TA is a community school, so you have both more yeshivish and less. But this is Baltimore, where everyone accepts everyone. The last one is relatively new. Toras Simcha. They only have preschool-4th this year. I am hearing really good things about them.

5) Every city has it's pros and cons. I absolutely love Baltimore. I grew up here, moved away when I got married and moved back a few years ago. The Baltimore of today is very different than the Baltimore of 20 years ago, but one thing hasn't changed. It's a city of achdus and acceptance. No matter what walk of life, be it yeshivish, litvish, chasidish, mo, or plain frum, everyone goes to the same schools and stores and all get along.
Depending what neighborhood you live in the housing can be very affordable. But really depends where. For example: You can get a older house for low 200K in the Park Heights area or you can get a mini mansion in the Beazer area for over 700k.
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Post  Sun, Oct 13 2019, 10:52 am
Amother indigo, how has Baltimore changed in the past years?
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Post  Sun, Oct 13 2019, 12:47 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Bump, any other imas in Baltimore who can add info?

I’m from Baltimore originally, so can’t tell you about specifics of living there with a family as I live in Lakewood. It is a beautiful warm community, and despite its really Harry name (don’t get me wrong there is plenty of them in Baltimore) it’s also really normal and accepting and nice.
As far as $, the houses are a little less expensive than Lakewood, but that’s also because the standard house there is a lot smaller. There is also a lower standard of living there. I grew up with a one income household, my mother didn’t work, but my father makes more than most people so it might not be true that most people could do it.
Also, I happen to know from my family and friends that there is no a huge job market. It’s very hard to find good jobs with good hours and good pay there (unlike bigger areas like Lakewood)
But it’s definitely a wonderful place to live! Hatzlacha rabba!!
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