Last chance to act re proposal against NY Yeshivas

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Post  Tue, Sep 03 2019, 2:40 am
Hey one and all -

Odds are others have already posted re this issue, but I just wanted to spread the word that because of Labor Day a one day extension was issued for comments.

The fastest/simplest way to do this is via the online form (link below).

I'm sure there are as many opinions about our yeshivot as there are imamothers on here, but I doubt that many of us are comfortable having the government decide what gets taught and by whom.

For me personally, while I do agree that some schools need to improve their English/math skills so that our kids can be able to support their families someday, I'm not loving the idea that the government could theoretically decide that certain religious programs aren't "good enough" or that parents who send their kids to those programs aren't being in compliance with NY law. Talk about a slippery slope!

Link here - https://voice.yeshivosbychoice.....rText
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