Daytime drinks for 12 month old

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Post  Tue, Sep 03 2019, 6:13 pm
My 12 month old is off dairy (not an allergy but other reasons). He stopped taking bottles of pumped milk before the summer. I'm going back to work and I'm trying to figure out what he needs to drink during the day. He'll probably be nursing ~3 times a day and maybe a bit at night until we eliminate that.

Is water enough for him during the day, or does he need some kind of fortified milk (soy, rice, almond etc)?
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Post  Tue, Sep 03 2019, 8:03 pm
Water is definitely enough! Especially if you continue nursing while you wean. If you ever do decide to give an alternative milk I would just stay away from soy milk. I’d also avoid rice milk because most are high in added sugar.

There’s really no need for milk (other than breastmilk) or alternative milk at this age.
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