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Post  Thu, Sep 12 2019, 9:44 am
Looking for any and all advice about opening a gown rental place.

Asking for a friend, for real Smile

- ideas, pictures of before and after of gowns that were added on to

- where to get fabric

- which sizes to carry, how many styles per size?

- how many gowns can a seamstress process for ex per week, in terms of kasherizing them

- how many times could a good quality gown be rented out

- what sizes, styles or prices do you find you need more options for

- where are you located, where would you be happy if a new gown place opened up

- what do you feel is missing on the rental/purchase scene

- how much do you spend on getting gowns for Simchas you attend? Would you like to spend less, more?

- do you like he styles currently available

- where do you usually get eveningwear for your simchas? Specifically, for tristate are styles

Any other tips would be welcome
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