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Post  Sun, Sep 15 2019, 8:29 am
PinkFridge wrote:
Re your second paragraph: I do think those posters were incorrect.
And this is what is giving me great pause. I might vote Republican, but I don't want to be aligned with a lot of the other voters. Just as I assume Democrats are having their own identity crises with what's going on on the left.

OK, the great pause, and I should shoot this guy an email. Hugh Hewitt, who I would think should know better (Mike Gallagher I can hear this from) has been pondering if the president will change his Biden nickname from Sleepy Joe to Record Player Joe. He thinks he should. I think that makes me barf. Gallagher has said the "gadlus" of Trump is that he says what people are thinking but wouldn't say. IOW, is it now acceptable? I think this is deplorable, that this is the level of discourse. As frum Jews, who have a concept of laws of lashon hara and rechilus, and ona'as devarim, we have to really double down on our reviewing of the halachos and strengthen our inner core.

So does that mean that we should vote for someone who strikes us as fundamentally decent (how I always perceived Biden, who makes one think of an era of bipartisanship) even if we have really grave reservations about the platforms of his or her party? I can't but I can't fault someone for doing that. (And I should mention that there is a third alternative: writing in or abstaining.)
xxx wrote:
Actually many people find it refreshing that he’s honest enough to say what he’s thinking even if it’s not pc, unlike the typical politicians who lie to you about everything just so they’ll sound “presidential.”

Spin off question: How can a frum person find this refreshing?

IMPORTANT EDIT: I am not going to delete this thread as I think it makes an important statement. However, please go to https://www.imamother.com/foru.....51030 to comment. Thank you.
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