Chinuch in both agan haayalot and ramat givat zev

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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 1:36 pm
Thinking of leaving yerushalayim for givat zev area.
The thing we most love in yerushalayim is the places our kids learn-tiny iriya gan of 15kids, small beit yaakov class size around 20, small cheider mainly same size classes. All great great places with wonderful teachers and very personal.
My big fear of moving to somewhere like gz is the 'factory line' type of school. I dont know if its really like this, or all in my head!

So. I heard the cheider in ramat givat zev opened this yr. Does anyone have info on it? Hashkafa? Is it regular cheider or is it a mamlachti chareidi school? Bichlal what type of population has ramat gz attracted?

If someone lives in ramat gz can they technically send to agan haayalot schools?

Whats the gan situation like for girls?

Are there enough buildings this yr?

Whats the beit yaakov like? Class sizes? Teachers?

Anyone send to rav sofers cheider?

Really any and all info on any and all of these ques would be much appreciated!!!

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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 1:46 pm
I dont have an answer for you and forgive me for posting this.

Please be appreciative of the medina and hashem that Eretz Yisrael is a blessed country.

No preschool/elementary children sitting home without schools/yeshivas.

Misrad Hachinuch provides buildings for schools and yeshivas.

Misrad Hachinuch funds much of the cheider/school system.

Schar limud is laughable compared to the States.

Ability to move to new chareidi enclave because of no worries about schools/yeshivas for preschool/elementary children.

American parents are moser nefesh for Yiddishkeit via their children's education!!!!
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 1:48 pm
Pm me, I have "inside info". Wink
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 2:07 pm
Thanks lymnok, was hoping ud be around Smile

And to amother above, really lots of appreciation for what american families do for chinuch. But in israel we have problems too.
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