What do you do when a store won't honor their warranty?
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 7:40 pm
According to the Pandora site:

Does my PANDORA jewellery have a warranty / guarantee?
PANDORA will repair or replace manufacturing faults free of charge up to 2 years from the original date of purchase for silver jewellery and 2 years from the original date of purchase for gold jewellery. Please retain your receipt or pass it on to the gift recipient, as the original proof of purchase is the warranty. If a receipt is not available a credit card or bank statement will suffice. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please note that parts of wood, leather, glass and string items have a warranty of up to one year from date of purchase.

Wearing counterfeit charms, or charms by other brands on your PANDORA bracelet could damage the unique threading system and will void the warranty.

The warranty offered on PANDORA products does not affect your legal rights and is provided in addition to those rights.

By "plated" do you mean enamel? AFIAK, the only plating that Pandora does otherwise is "black rhodium plating on select sterling silver pieces giving them an attractive dark finish." Again from website. Maybe its different in Israel?

In any case, if all else fails, tweet. Companies hate complaints on their twitter feeds, and may respond.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 7:45 pm
studying_torah wrote:
Was a cc used to pay? If so they can hell you dispute the charges.
I bought very expensive sheets & they pulled after 1 wash. The company also brushed me off so I asked the cc to dispute it.

I'm pretty sure credit cards only give protection up to 45 days from purchase. After that, you're on your own.

Some people's bodies are more acidic than others, and will eat right through the plating. I'm a lot like that, and I need to at least wear sterling silver, if not something even nicer.

If you ever get plated jewelry again, coat it inside and out with a few coats of clear nail polish. Inspect it every now and then to make sure the nail polish isn't wearing off.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 7:47 pm
After trying everything else that was suggested I'd file a complaint with the better business bureau. I'm not sure if that would help though since you're in Israel.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 8:53 pm
I had a similiar issued. Posted my complaint on Facebook and tagged them. It was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 9:09 pm
I have such an issue with my sofa and recliner at Bob's Furniture.
I purchased a 5 year warranty for accidental stains.
Upon claiming warranty for cleaning the sofa, they asked for photos. I sent them photos of all stains. The response: your claim is denied because it only covers individual stains, not multiple stains. (In other words, your warranty is null and void), cause it got several stains.

Is this fair? Is there Anything I can do to activate my paid warranty?
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