Newly(ish) married couple looking for apt in Lakewood

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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 3:54 pm
Hi! Title says it all.

I don't know Lakewood at all.

I checked out masa u'matan but there are so many different neighborhoods on there. I don't know where to begin. Any suggestions of a neighborhood for an openminded young couple, wife is a professional (PA), husband is learning. BT but you could never tell. Looks like a typical yeshivish couple. But I want my non religious in laws and family to be able to come for Shabbos without getting stared at by my neighbors etc. I think westgate is too yeshivish.

Whats another website I can look at to find apartments for rent?

**forgot to add: DH is looking into yeshivas to switch to because we are in not in NJ atm. Not BMG, but wouldnt mind living near that yeshiva. Maybe someone can also suggest a Lakewood yeshiva with a close knit family feel? Can be sefardi or ashkenazi. I'm working in an outpatient hospital in NY, can't switch for a few more months.

Our budget is cheap as possible haha. I heard rent can be as cheap as $700! Basement apartment is not a problem. One room is fine. We're used to Israel standards, our old apartment didn't have windows. Ideally I'd like windows though. **
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 4:13 pm
What size apartment are you looking for? Are you ok with a basement? What’s your budget?
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 4:16 pm
Where is your husband learning and where are you working? That will make a difference in deciding where to live...
There are plenty of neighborhoods that can work for you.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 4:41 pm
edited my post to include the questions you ladies asked!! thank you!
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 5:41 pm
It probably doesn’t make sense for you to live near BMG if dh is not learning there. Prices are just higher and you won’t gain anything by living in that location. Also that is the most Yeshivish part of Lakewood so doesn’t seem like you are looking for that.
Anywhere a little further out or down the 9 is cheaper. Developments with townhouses are usually cheaper than regular streets or developments with duplexes. So the cheapest would be in Chateau Park, Sterling Forest etc...apartments there are usually 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, not new but definitely around $800 a month or even less if they are desperate. These developments are quite yeshivish though and crowded and have a lack of privacy.
I’m thinking that Pine River might work for you, or somewhere in that area...Prospect St/ Williams St/ Martin Luther Dr. or even in a random basement somewhere in the Central Ave area. This way you are pretty central wherever dh ends up learning but in a regular neighborhood with mixed crowd.
The new duplexes all have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and are close to $1200 a month. Look for the 2 bedrooms that are not brand new...you should be able to find on a quiet block for under $1000 for sure.
If you are working in NY, I would take something closer to Cedarbridge if possible so its just a quick jump on the Parkway in the morning without having to drive thru Lakewood traffic. Come back and post here if you have questions about where things are located and we can help you out.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 7:59 pm
Raintree - not so many basements but very open minded and warm.
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Post  Mon, Sep 16 2019, 10:14 pm
- make sure somewhat close to yeshiva or highway that takes you work traffic can be insane.
Rent isn’t as cheap as you quoted most places but where it’s cheapest is far. Like chesterfield commons can be 1/2 hr minimum to yeshiva in rush hour.
- Check utilities costs and factor into cost. Call old tenants. (My next door neighbor tenants were shocked the first month how much utilities added to the monthly bill). It may be much higher then you expect so find out from them averages and max. Apts with higher rents but utilities included may be cheaper.
Ask questions to old tenant about parking, noise, rules, honesty, repairs, anything you need to know...
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