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Post  Tue, Sep 17 2019, 11:23 pm
I actually am almost completely silent on Instagram. But once I was watching a live and the person was sharing a perspective on life that I felt was very damaging, from a religious and an emotional point of view. I did challenge her in a verrry non confrontational way a couple of times in the public comment box. She totally blew off my questions and kept going with her skewed way of thinking. I realized that it was time to unfollow her, and that's just what I did.
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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 2:28 am
If I ran a site, I'd appreciate the input.

I would like to know that price is the reason that prospective customers were browsing but not buying. Knowing that the product itself is attractive to buyers, I could make an educated decision about whether to try to have it manufactured for less or to find some other way of lowering the price.

I can't see any reason to insult a vendor's taste. But saying that you would like to see the product available in more sizes or colors, or at a lower price, seems helpful.
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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 8:05 am
Its funny how this comes up just now when there are two viral situations with frum instagram people at the moment. One has already been mentioned here, the other has not (yet).

With out going into a ton of detail and with full intention to be as vague as possible - the second instagram lady had an incident at a store and took a video of it on her cell phone. She posted it on her instagram. The incident did end the way she thought it would. She recorded a second video right after the incident ended and requested people to share it far and wide, and tagged a number of local representatives, YWN, etc at the end to help it reach as many people as possible.

Now, this second instagram lady's videos received a mix of support and criticism. Most people who criticized the videos were not mean, but were baffled at the entire thing and did not see what she claimed happened. She seems to have regretted (my interpretation only) asking it to reach many people because she has since changed her instagram settings to private, she has changed her instagram name, and she has labeled all Jews who disagreed with her as "self hating Jews".

These two very recent instances are very important to consider, in my opinion, whenever posting something online. Especially the second one, who literally instructed people to share it far and wide. I'm sure the 23k people who followed her do so because they support her. But she wanted everyone to see it, and "everyone" are not the people who intentionally follow her in instagram, not the people who like her or support her. Did she expect her small bubble of fame and followers to extend to the entire world?

These instagram people have a strange false sense of fame and adoration. They walk around thinking they are beloved by everyone. Even Queen Elizabeth or Kate have people who dont like them and who dont agree with them - kal v'chomer some rando frum lady on instagram will. And they can not deal with people who challenge their egos. Like, they literally can not.

These inflated egos stem from gaiiva.

This is something I try to keep in mind whenever I post something on facebook. Just because its important to me does not mean anyone else thinks it is.
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Post  Mon, Sep 23 2019, 12:16 pm
Water girl, like I said I'm not on Instagram & I have zero idea of either of these instances.

I was actually talking about non jewish ppl on Facebook or you tube with some followers.
The person who had the negative comments is a type of craft person ; the one who didn't like attention is the owner of a popular dog &both of those ppl made me wonder.
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