Har nof shopping/eating?

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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 12:16 am
I have an appointment this morning in Har Nof. But I also have some shopping to do for myself and my kids... Is there a good shopping place in Har Nof? Stores I would love to find: Kidichic, Chemise, Chemise Girls... (Open to stores I don't know as well, but that general style and price point.)

Is there somewhere to go? Thanks!

Also:is there a place near the shopping and/or with easy parking where I could buy food? Not bakery/pizza because I can't have gluten. More like salad, fish...

Thanks in advance!
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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 1:34 am
Har Nof goes right into the neighborhood of Givat Shaul. One of the main stretches is Kanfei Nesharim as you exit Har Nof. You will find all the above mentioned stores there as well as a variety of choices of restaurant. Kidichic is right by a Cafe Cafe. I’m not sure about parking
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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 1:41 am
No clothes shops in Har Nof. At the mercaz mischari on Shaulzon there is a bagel store, but it is really more of a cafe, and you can get salads and so on there. There is underground parking.

You would do better on Kanfei Nesharim, the main road leading g to Har Nof. There are a few clothes shops there, though I'm not sure about any of the names you mention. Also a few cafes and places to get food. Parking is harder to find though, and in almost all cases you need to pay.

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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 1:42 am
Cafe denya is a nice place to eat
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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 1:43 am
Har Nof has a bagel store and supermarket but if you want clothing stores, go to Kanfei Nesharim.
Parking is difficult unless you pay for a spot in a lot or park in he Rami Levi parking lot which is free if you spend at least 20 shekalim in Rami Levi.

If you want a nice milchig place, go to Muskat.
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Post  Wed, Sep 18 2019, 5:43 am
Thank you all!

I didn't end up making any additional stops but drove out down Kanfei Nesharim with plans to stop in the future.
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