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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 11:40 am
This year, everyone is on such different schedules. How do you manage to serve supper to everyone and keep the food fresh over so many hours?

My little ones are home by 4 and hungry but they don't want to eat without "everyone." So they fill up on snacks and then aren't hungry later but get super hungry at bedtime. The next two are home by 5:15 and one doesn't want to eat right away, needs to chill. So I have been serving food at around 5:45. Then my husband is home around 7/7:30 depending if he is able to come home at all at a normal time. Then my oldest is home after 8:15 and hungry but first he wants to shower and change into sweats after being out all day.

How do you manage the never-ending nightly restaurant? Ha, and I thought food on demand was only for newborns!
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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 1:10 pm
After you serve the hot food at 5:45, cover and place in a 175 degree oven to keep the food warm without overcooking.

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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 2:38 pm
Thx! I'll try that.

I was putting the food back in the fridge, turning off the oven. then turning the oven back on to put the food back in... that sounds much better!
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Post  Thu, Sep 26 2019, 7:12 am
Snack if wanted at 5 when they come
Dinner is 8/9
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Post  Thu, Sep 26 2019, 7:34 am
Give the little ones healthy snack & fruit at 4. Serve supper at 6. Then either keep warm in the oven or microwave later on.
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