My reaction to de Blasio's illegal alien law

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Post  Thu, Oct 03 2019, 6:59 am
ROSH HASHANAH HATE IN WILLIAMSBURG: Shaitel Yanked Off Woman, Windows Of Shul Smashed; DeBlasio Tweets


Another day. More hate.

The latest two hate crimes occurred on Monday, the first day of Rosh Hashanah in Williamsburg.

In the first crime, as can be seen in the attached video footage, a group of thugs are seen smashing a window of the Rivnitz Shul on Throop Avenue and Barlett Street.

The suspects run up the street, while one of them appears to be on the lookout for anyone coming, while another two suspects are seen throwing objects at the windows of the Shul.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident. They are being assisted by Williamsburg Shomrim.

In the second hate attack, a Hasidic woman had her Shaitel yanked off by a person.

Watch the attached video where a women pushing a baby carriage is followed by the suspect, who then pulls off her wig and runs away. The woman is seen placing her hands over her head to cover herself, as she is humiliated in public. He is seen hiding behind a parked vehicle.

But not to worry, Orthodox Jews can breath easily, as Mayor DeBlasio is threatening to take action. DeBlasio wrote on Twitter “This is a shocking act of hate. We WILL find the perpetrators and hold them responsible. If you have any information, share it with the NYPD.”

Orthodox Jews in New York City have lots of faith in the Mayor. Afterall, he can most definitely list the suspects and the jail sentences handed down following the last 100 hate crimes. Right?


Meanwhile, if you use the word “illegal alien”, you can now be fined as much as $250,000. Call someone a “dirty Jew”, and get a free pass.
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