What do you think of frum, female artists who put out a CD?
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Post  Wed, Oct 09 2019, 11:54 pm
Flip Flops wrote:
I don't get the issue. She has to make sure that no men are around before she turns it on loud. Otherwise she can listen to it with earbuds.

I know that there are kids from very frum homes who wouldn't care or wouldn't "get" it, or would say it's not fair just because he is home (there are some spoiled younger kids in the population you know)...and why would someone who holds that prerecorded isn't kol isha care when her dh listens? Not every female is a kasher v'yasher chareidi mature adult.
I just don't get the comfort level to trust all the females of the world to that extent. What's to stop anybody m or f from sharing, replaying especially on social media where all genders of all religions or not have access? BTW, I have seen that scenario. Where people have no idea what the letters kol isha mean and its not their belief so who cares, just some music they found and reshare because even if they are very respectful individuals they wouldn't understand why you would put it out if you didn't want to share.

I know people say it's 100% on the men but does that mean I can release my albums and instead label them for everyone except Jewish males over 13 who are religious enough to hold by kol isha thats prerecorded? And release it in a regular industry medium? Does kol isha apply to us to not sing in front of any men or just Jewish?

I am very pro most feminine causes but I can't make sense of this trend enough to feel comfortable joining. Although the one who sells it in person to just who she would trust makes sense to me much more.
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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 5:34 am
amother [ Mistyrose ] wrote:
Sara Hecht is great!


Yes! Sara is a deep soulful singer.
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