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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 4:21 am
I am reeling, having very recently discovered that my grown up child (recently 18) suffers from what was only now diagnosed as a mental illness. From "very difficult baby", "challenging toddler", "this-is-just-a-stage" child and finally "teenager", it all comes together with this one diagnosis - borderline personality disorder. Plus we are dealing with a different possible diagnosis for another child.

Of course the first steps are to learn as much about the previously unknown condition and getting professional help, but I was wondering if there is any place here on Imamother for a place for mothers of children with mental illness to find support, share resources and perspective?

What I found here is a forum for women living with a husband with mental issues or dealing with them personally, which are very different from when you and your husband are dealing with a child as the relationship is different, the ways of dealing are different.
There is also this forum for parents of challenging children, as in gifted, ADHD etc. but that is very different from parents of children with an actual mental illness (I have challenging children too, trust me, I know).

So is there such a forum here, and if not - would there be a place for starting one?
There must be other parents struggling with this very painful issue.
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Post  Thu, Oct 10 2019, 8:14 am
I would join. I am now on a Facebook group (frum mothers of children with mental illness, or something like that) which is similar to what you describe.

It doesn’t get much activity (and perhaps the imamother forum you’re suggesting wouldn’t either) but definitely worth a shot.

Being a parent of a child with mental illness can be incredibly isolating and lonely (the stigma in the frum world is pervasive). I would love to get more support!
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Post  Wed, Oct 16 2019, 11:18 pm
I'm in. I'll moderate if Yael agrees to open one.
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