My Children dont have what to wear for Yom Tov
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Post  Sun, Oct 13 2019, 10:42 am
Shuly wrote:
Misrad Habriut says there have been no measles cases in Israel in the last 5 months.

That's not true. July was the last time they updated the measles by cities page and there were more new cases then.
And following the epidemiological reports it's clear that there were new cases in August as well. (They haven't uploaded September's yet.)

Where are you getting your info from?
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Post  Sun, Oct 13 2019, 10:45 am
amother [ cornflower ] wrote:
The response is amazing, what a wonderful, generous & goodhearted group we have here.

Being that I've been in this position (and still am), there is one factor that we all needs to consider. Coming from being well off, to accepting hand me downs from others is a very difficult step, especially if it's in a one year span. It's emotionally & mentally bruising, to put it mildly. The best thing that someone did for me was anonymously send me a gift card to a store that I used to frequent, and it allowed me to save face so to speak & lift my spirits for that day (and Yom Tov). I wish I was in the position to pay it forward, but, unfortunately, I cannot. I daven that Hashem will grant me the ability to do so one day.

maybe reframe it as being enviromentally friendly? Bh I can afford new clothes but if my friend is passing on great stuff she doesn't need and my kids do, sure, I take it. The money I save can be used for something else. Shabbos clothing especially is often very gently worn.
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