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Post  Thu, Oct 17 2019, 1:43 pm
Is anyone familiar with this book - She has two books - one is a Challah cookbook and the other is her philosophical writings on her relationship with challah. She is a Rebbitzen in Brooklyn.

This is Rochie Pinson's first book on the spirit and meaning of Challah. This is not her cookbook. Funny, wise and engaging, Pinson takes you her journey with challah, and explains how the recipe for challah is really a guide to an elevated, mindful life. This book includes only one recipe (Rochie Pinson's classic recipe) and instructions for braiding a 6 strand loaf. Her other book, Rising: The Book of Challah, is her latest work, which includes both the information in her first book, and a comprehensive cookbook with almost 40 recipes for every challah imaginable, and over 37 different braiding techniques. See the accompanying info with Rising: The Book of Challah, for more details about this magnificent new cookbook

I am dipping into it - there is a chapter on various meditations for each ingredient and each step of making challah

For example:

“: meditations on the ingredients

Challah is not just a recipe for bread; it is intrinsically a recipe for life itself. Each of the five primary ingredients reflects an essential aspect of life and the nurturing of it.

As we add each ingredient, we become present to the deeper significance of that particular element and allow ourselves to be fully and joyfully in the moment. The challah dough that results is a direct reflection of our intention.


In the beginning, there was only water. All life emerged from water, water flows from Eden into the world, water breaks and we emerge.

Water, as a primordial element and a life-giving force that continually flows from higher ground to lower places, represents the very essence of life – that part of us that is eternally linked to the Source of all life, namely, our soul.

As we begin the creation of the dough with the pouring of water, we remember that the essence of who we are, and the essential core of those we love, is a precious fragment of the Divine. We, and all of humanity and creation, in fact, are a direct reflection of G-dliness and, as such, we are pure light and goodness at our core. This reminds us of our own inherent worthiness and the innate beauty of those we care for. We begin nurturing with the realization of all of creation’s innate holiness and value.


We sprinkle in the yeast and reflect upon the fact that this is the ingredient that inflates the challah. This represents the self-esteem, confidence, and reassurance we can give in abundance to those whose lives we directly influence. We can even continually grant small measures of it to each person whose path we cross during our lifetime. The balance of the yeast is crucial to the growth of the dough; we are aiming for a healthy and perfect rising.


Sugar is about creating a sweet environment. While adding sugar, we think about how we can continue injecting chesed, kindness, and sweetness into our home in a way that encourages growth and movement. Sweetness is essential in the beginning of life and throughout life, in fact, and should be used in abundance. That said, just as sugar causes the yeast to activate when used in the right proportions, the tendency of sugar is also to create an overgrowth if applied without restraint or boundaries. And that is where the salt, or gevurah, comes into play. More on that soon . . . .


Flour is the main substantial ingredient of bread, which is known as the “staff of life.” It represents the physical body and health of our family and of humanity. We need to ensure that “our physical vessel is being properly cared for so that we can access our higher self. “[I]m ein kemach, ein Torah/[W]ithout flour there is no Torah.” When pouring the flour, we meditate on the physical health of those in our care, and pray for their well-being and for the healing of all of humanity.

Excerpt From: Pinson, Rochie. “The Rising Life.
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Post  Fri, Oct 18 2019, 6:20 pm
Love this! Where can you get the books?
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Post  Fri, Oct 18 2019, 6:40 pm
I got my copies from amazon but you could check your local bookseller or library.
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