What temperature is cold enough to start wearing fur coats?
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Post  Fri, Oct 18 2019, 2:17 pm
JoyInTheMorning wrote:
Yes, there are a handful of crazy PETA people, but those are a tiny, tiny minority of the many people who won't wear fur by choice. Most of us who don't wear fur will explain why if the topic comes up. But of course we wouldn't interfere with your right to wear fur.

This particular issue in particular puzzles me. As an example of another issue: I try to care for the environment, and therefore try to limit my use of one-time-use paper and plastic products, but I can understand why others choose convenience over care for the environment. Fur is puzzling, since it's expensive to buy, a pain to care for, and makes people look heavier. And now that it's really not worn by most young people, it's aging. So what's left is impressing others, and that just seems to me so silly -- and therefore puzzles me.

I hear you. Everyone does certain things to fit in to their community, that are often seen by others as wrong,. Whether its in Greenwich Connecticut, or in Williamsburg in Brooklyn NY. It is what it is. There are not such wise/idealistic/goodhearted people, ranging to extremely wise/idealistic/good hearted, etc in each community.
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