Free class! Shalom Bayis teleconference begins this Tuesday!

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Post  Mon, Nov 04 2019, 10:00 am
Go4harmony presents the most practical and effective approach to Shalom Bayis. A must for every married woman!

Join the Shalom Bayis LIVE teleconference beginning this Tuesday November 5th at 9:30PM.

Call the Go4Harmony Hotline 6467871900 and press 2 to listen to an introduction and excerpts of the teleconference!

Text “Go4harmony” to 77948 to join the first class for FREE!

The Go4harmony teleconference includes an anonymous online chat/group text to access 24/7 support!

Go4Harmony offers a free 10 minute consultation to see if relationship coaching is a good fit for you!

Participation in all Go4harmony services is anonymous- we will never ask you your name!

Sary’s imaginary husband was very warm and affectionate. He always greeted her with a huge smile and kind words. He bought her the perfect gifts and was so thoughtful.

Esther’s imaginary husband always knew just the way to comfort her when she was down. He would say “ I’m so sorry you are feeling this way, what can I do to make you feel better…?”

Leah’s imaginary husband always offered to clean the kitchen after supper and never left a mess. He replaced light bulbs and fixed broken parts as soon as she asked him or even before she asked him.

Devorah’s imaginary husband was so punctual and always accompanied her to events arriving perfectly on time. He took great care in his appearance too.
Atarah’s imaginary husband has that perfect balance of a gentle loving father and an authoritative figure.

We all have fantasies about what the men we married should be like. Your imaginary husband may be a combination of your father, brother, and uncle. Being married to a fantasy is both comfortable and safe, and very painful and lonely at the same time. Many women suffer from so much disappointment because their real flesh and bones husband is failing miserably in comparison to their imaginary husband. That’s when he may stop trying, withdraw, or become explosive.

When you divorce that imaginary man, you make room for the imperfect husband that Hashem gave you, who is perfect for you and your tachlis in this world. He is perfect for your growth and self-improvement, perfect for achieving true happiness by working to cultivate a beautiful bond in the face of challenges.

What you will find in the place of your fantasy is the imperfect human being that was chosen for you before you were born. Today’s society often tells us what your husband should be giving to you, or how his past and limitations are obstacles in your path to happiness. The expectation is that we should be experiencing something different. What fills out minds is negative thoughts about our lives and the ramifications are damaging.

Join the Go4Harmony Teleconference and learn a new way to think, the Torah true way. With the support of other women that are on this journey together with you, you will learn how your thoughts affect your feelings which in turn affects your actions, which in turn affects the way he responds to you. You will be empowered to become your best self while inspiring your husband’s best. When you let go of who you thought you should have married and let Hashem in your life, you will I”H experience true harmony within yourself and in your home. Looking forward to you joining me on this incredible journey!

To sign up for the Go4harmony teleconference text/call 9176004386
Email Go4harmony@gmail.com

Real quotes from past participants

"This teleconference has made me into such a calm and happy positive person, something I never dreamed I could be, I feel like I struck gold."

"I wish I would have taken this course 10 years ago"

"I thought I knew what it means to connect with my husband, and then I joined, and now I really know what it means."

“I used to think, I can only be happy if my husband would change, with this approach I never knew that life can be so good"

"As a kalla teacher approaching my 20th wedding anniversary, I thought my marriage was a good one with a solid foundation with normal ups and downs. Chaya's teleconference has shown me that when there is good, there can even be better"

"I've spent so much energy heartache and money, on pursuing all sorts of help, yet this approach brought me more energy happiness and saved my marriage."

"Not only did my relationship improve, my emotional and mental health improved as well."

"I thought my past will always hinder me, but Chaya taught me, that my experiences serves me as growing pains.”

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Post  Wed, Nov 06 2019, 10:26 am
To listen to the 1st Free Class of the Go4Harmony Teleconference:
To listen online-
1st class - https://fccdl.in/4ylLEnnelN
Or call
Call 6467871900
Press 5
Spread the word!
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