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Post  Tue, Nov 05 2019, 9:58 am
I'm trying to work on organization in my home but the organizers I follow on Instagram use such expensive stuff. I simply can't afford to spend 6 dollars on one bin!

I love how they look... but honestly.. who could afford them?

Take the series in the Ami, all the containers are so, so, expensive!!!!!
I want to implement it in my home but don't have an extra thousand lying around to spend on bins.

So... ladies... any ideas for budget organization?
Do you know of a place that sells super cheap containers? Any deals?
Any hacks you use to keep stuff organized that doesn't involve breaking the bank?

I'd love to hear.
Also, are there any organizers that I can follow on Instagram that specifically don't splurge on fancy, expensive stuff but rather focus on what the average person can afford?

Thanks a lot!
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Post  Tue, Nov 05 2019, 10:04 am
Really the number one rule of organizing is free: get rid of everything you can. Rule number two is to have a system and stick with it. That's free too!

Besides that, I got containers for toys that were pretty cheap at Target, and quality has been great. I also use dollar store containers for lots of things and they have also held up well. The expensive containers look fancy but they aren't necessary at all. Also, my pantry might look prettier if all the cereal was in containers vs the boxes they came in... But guess what? Cereal in boxes is not disorganized. Think about which containers serve they purpose of organizing, and which just create an aesthetic.
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Post  Tue, Nov 05 2019, 10:10 am
Yes, those expensive containers look uniform and beautiful but they are not a necessity to stay organized.
Here are some inexpensive/free ideas.
Many dollar stores have small bins or plastic baskets that can be used for things like small toys.
Instead of expensive drawer dividers or bins you can use empty tissue boxes to keep things organized in a drawer. (One for kids underwear, socks, etc) or you can cut a piece of a cardboard box to fit the drawer as a divider.
In the kitchen, before throwing out jars or containers think if it can be reused. For ex. if you save all your glass coffee jars, after a while you will have a collection that you can use for your dry goods like beans, grains... and it can look beatiful as well if they are all the same containers. (It may take a while to build up a collection.)
The idea is to look at everything with organizing in mind. Before throwing out shoe boxes - also great free organizers - think if there's anywhere in your house that needs a bin.
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Post  Tue, Nov 05 2019, 10:15 am
Steriltire plastic containers for 99 cents each are great. Also, I would recommend first throwing out what you don’t need, temporarily putting things in shoeboxes and plastic bags, and then buying containers. That way you know exactly how many you need and in exactly which sizes
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