Israel imas, advice for our vacation please!
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Post  Mon, Nov 18 2019, 6:27 pm
Thanks all, these ideas are so intriguing and helpful.
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Post  Mon, Nov 18 2019, 6:37 pm
We also heard great things about the Tunisian shul in Akko. DH spoke with them and confirmed their hours. They were only open in the morning but said they reopened at 5 PM. DH told them that we would be waiting there at 5 since we then had to drive back to Yerushalayim that evening.

Unfortunately we waited from 5 until 5:30 and nobody ever showed up to open it, nor did they answer several phone calls (we had the home # of the caretaker). Combine that with the locked up Ramchal shul in Akko that we visited during hours it was listed to be open and we were quite frustrated.
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Post  Tue, Nov 19 2019, 8:35 am
Hachula national park in the North is beautiful you see a lot of fish in the water and there are birds and different animals, we went in the summer. If it is a nice day, it is worth going. There are 2 parts to it, the free part where you can rent out quad bikes (or some other sort of car I am not sure) and the part where you pay it's not expensive. We went to the paying part it was very nice and you can focus on the nature.
Not a long trip but for half a day it's very nice.
Israel national parks also have passes which you can buy for 2 weeks or a year and then you can get into all the places on their list (loads) including ein gedi, cesarea beach, and many others. check out their website.

Not sure where you are staying but they have phone gemachs in romema, ramat eshkol areas etc where you pay like 25 shekel for a week and you can make unlimited calls in israel not sure about abroad. they are kosher so calls only. works by availability but they are usually available.
pm me if you need the number and I will find it for you.
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Post  Tue, Nov 19 2019, 12:01 pm
Akko has a wonderful new kosher restaurant called Roots. It's in the old city;it's a chef's restaurant and the food is great but it's not cheap.
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Post  Tue, Nov 19 2019, 1:00 pm
Haifa has really nice views, and there's the Bahai gardens, and the beach promenade could be fun if the weather is nice.

Other than that, there aren't really many tourist activities. But it could be a fun day trip for a break from tourism. Like - come, go bowling, see a movie, jump on trampolines, go to a restaurant... It has all the same attractions as your average city anywhere.

I do know someone who gives interesting tours of Haifa in Hebrew, if that's relevant.

Tzfat has a special feel, I recommend a day there to see the artists colony. Although a lot depends on your kids and what they find interesting.

For Jerusalem, I second the idea of tours of the Knesset and/or Supreme Court.

Tel Aviv has some interesting museums and attractions, too, if you'll be in that area.

Shabbat in the north - what about the Golan? Although people who rent cabins there usually want to be alone for Shabbat, I don't know where there's a community feel on Shabbat.

(if you're in my part of the north you're invited to us for meals, although to be honest, I don't really recommend it as a Shabbat destination. Tzfat would probably be nice for Shabbat, so many ancient shuls.)
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Post  Tue, Nov 19 2019, 1:03 pm
Oh and I second the recommendation for Hula park.
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