Wedding fashion?
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Post  Mon, Nov 25 2019, 10:51 am
amother [ Magenta ] wrote:
But most people’s metabolisms slow down as they get older.

Yep, it's for sure harder
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Post  Mon, Nov 25 2019, 10:56 am
People wear color to weddings, yes, even in Lakewood and Brooklyn. Nobody will ostracize you for it, I promise.

The LBD is considered a staple in the fashion world, so many people feel that they can’t go wrong with that versatile black dress. Some also believe it makes them look slimmer. It’s not just a frum thing.

I agree that in some circles, opaque black will be the only stocking color in sight during the winter.

There are rarely uniform wedding attire. What is wrong with looking like the aunt from out of town? Every wedding I’ve ever attended in my life has had a mix of styles in dress. It’s totally fine. Have you already felt judged for dressing differently? Most women only care about how they themselves look.

I happen to love an embellished jacket, worn over a sheath dress, which will also be less likely to match the twenty somethings (except maybe me Wink )



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Post  Thu, Dec 05 2019, 1:06 pm
amother [ Jetblack ] wrote:
I went to a wedding last week, Lakewood, yeshivish/chassidish crowd, I've never seen so many black dresses in one night at one event!!
Lol! I didn't know there are so many black dresses being sold! Whoever didn't wear black stood out! It was mind boggling!
Nothing new I know but I don't go out too often and every time I see it I'm shocked!
Thuthfully at the end of the evening I had no idea what anyone was wearing!

Lol, I grew up in town and I still gravitate towards black in everything. It took me years and goading from my husband to make me start buying colors. (Of course, black is always a good choice when there are kids around.)
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