How to clean white underwear

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Post  Sun, Nov 24 2019, 1:29 pm
How do you get the yellow stains off white underwear? Does it matter if you don't? Doesn't make sense to have to buy new all the time.
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Post  Sun, Nov 24 2019, 1:37 pm
You can try soaking in oxiclean and hot water. Depends how long the stain has been there and if it's been dried. Otherwise, bleach.
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Post  Sun, Nov 24 2019, 1:42 pm
Soak in oxi clean powder dissolved in boiling water overnight. Scrub out stains. Soak again with fresh boiling water and powder.
Pretreat with spray when stains are fresh so they don't build up again.
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Post  Sun, Nov 24 2019, 5:40 pm
First soak in cold water and rub with regular bar soap until stain is gone. Later do oxyclean if needed.
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Post  Sun, Nov 24 2019, 8:03 pm
I use the resolve spray that spritzes out of two compartments. It does its thing within 10 min. Sometimes I scrub it in with a toothbrush. Works much better if you do it sooner than later.
(Its about 7$ where I buy it)
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