S/O why I love imamother
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Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 6:00 pm
I learned so much about all kinds of Jews, as a result I am way more accepting of others than I'd been before!
So much support here, I'm amazed at some posters who respond with lengthy answers with so much patience and kindness.
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Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 6:42 pm
Imamother gives me a chance to be part of a community of Jewish women from walks of life where we'd probably never otherwise meet.

It shows me all the time that what works in one relationship isn't necessarily best in another, and that that's fine. "Healthy" in a relationship is what works for the people in it.

I'm awed by the faith of imamother posters, and the way people rush to other people's aid in times of crisis - whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.

The number of "mi k'amcha Yisrael" moments on this site has been absolutely astounding!!! :-D

I emotionally survived my twin pregnancy in large part thanks to my birth club on Imamother.

It's a good form of entertainment and something to do when I'm bored (I.e. when I should be doing something else but procrastinating).

It's a great site, and I'm happy to be part of it! :-)
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Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 6:49 pm
Because you are some of the most compassionate wise women around. The emotional support I’ve been privileged to receive is so amazing. IRL, I couldn’t find so many wonderful women in one place. I feel like I know some of you and I know you’re authentically there for me and others.
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Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 7:48 pm
- I learned more than I ever could've found out on my own about birth control, intimacy, and other subjects that I would've been way too embarrassed to ask IRL.

- I made some good friends on here!

- I love when people give chizuk and gentle responses to posters who are clearly in pain, particularly when people follow up with an OP who was posting about a very difficult and ongoing situation.

- Related: so many times when I say "mi k'amcha Yisroel!"

- I enjoy discussing topics with like-minded people. I don't know too many people like myself IRL, and it's nice to find that connection virtually.
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Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 8:04 pm
Thank you for this positive thread! I agree with all the above posters on the beauty of this site.... heres what I love:
To imamother my sanity is credited to,
When I ask myself who can help me who?
Some ima from cyberspace saves the day,
With unique tips, ideas, guidance that are sent my way!
Im not even a poet irl u see,
I only have the guts in imamom community!
Because here shame, stigmas, facades fall aside,
And doors to opportunities open really wide!
Be yourself and share your voice,
Positive or negative advice its your choice,
However we all appreciate some wit and humor,
To lift our moods with a boomer Smile
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Coffee Addict


Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 8:10 pm
Besides the entertainment, and learning so much informative stuff here, I received a incredible amount of support here while going through a extremely tough situation, which I’m somewhat still going through.

I was anon of course.

For that I will forever be grateful to all of you lovely ladies!!! Smile
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Post Sun, Nov 24 2019, 8:37 pm
I love imamother because I found this site when I was isolated Jewishly and starving for connection and more education. B"H in a better place now with more Jewish connections IRL. Now I like imamother more for chit chat, other perspectives on questions I have, support and commiserating for the more difficult aspects of family life, and of course, recipes and household tips!
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