Shows similar to Game of Thrones, Star Wars etc

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Post  Sun, Dec 01 2019, 10:34 pm
Looking for shows similar to the above, or lord of the ring, cia type of shows etc.
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Post  Sun, Dec 01 2019, 11:14 pm
Have you watched the law and order and all its spin-offs?

Quantico, is also I believe a police/cia type

My dad watches a lot of those police dramas, so I'll ask him for a list
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Post  Sun, Dec 01 2019, 11:44 pm
I like those types too.

I loved Merlin!!!! Also Doctor Who (start with new revival).
The 100 (but gory though)
Other Marvel or DC movies (Wonder woman, Iron Man, etc)

Haven’t watched yet, but know people with similar tastes like these:
Star Trek (same as above)
Outlander (heard it can be not so kosher, but neither is GOT so...)
Indiana Jones
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Post  Sun, Dec 01 2019, 11:56 pm
If you like Game of Thrones, you are going to love Reign. It's so much fun, and the costumes are gorgeous! It's a sort of historical fiction version of Mary Queen of Scots.
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Post  Mon, Dec 02 2019, 4:12 am
NO lol reign is terrible... the costumes are all wrong, and the story is Beverly Hills at the french court. GOT is violent and gritty (and fantasy).


But have you seen all the star wars?
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Post  Mon, Dec 02 2019, 6:54 am
Legend of the Seeker
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