Has anyone attended Elevation Mastery Program?
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Post  Tue, Dec 03 2019, 11:42 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Rabbi Doniel Katz's highly popular program promises to teach you how to (in a nutshell): "ELEVATE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND LIVE A SUPERNATURAL LIFE". I have always struggled with frustration with the cycle of inspiration - I feel like I put so much cheshek and ratzon into trying to attain and maintain an elevated consciousness, but in our classic frum education, we were given no tools to do so. This course sounds really exciting for me, but at the same time I am skeptical of someone promising to offer "secrets" (though they are all 100% sourced) into a way of life that 99% of people in our generation have not been taught. I'm also having a hard time finding official haskamos for this course.
Has anyone taken it and can share their impressions of the authenticity and whether it truly had a real effect on their life?

I watched a preview. Its more in the realm of energy and kabbalah than actual spirituality per se. Some things remind me of breslov/chasidus. Not saying there is anything wrong with it, but it's not about davening and tehillim all day. Look on the website.
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Post  Tue, Dec 03 2019, 11:48 pm
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Post  Tue, Mar 17 2020, 11:06 pm
OP, I know this post is old, but I wanted to let you know that I totally, completely relate to what you feel.

I have watched some of Rabbi Katz's Elevation classes. I can see why people would get turned off by his promotional material. However, his content is thoroughly sourced, and I definitely gained. Currently, Rabbi Katz has a free foundations program and I really enjoyed what I watched of it. It wasn't all entirely new to me, but it definitely gives "the bigger picture" as you mentioned.

It's nice to know that there is another woman who grew up in what sounds like a similar background to mine who feels the same!
This feeling is especially hitting me now with everything going on - I feel like there is something more, like a higher state of being I should be accessing, but it feels just beyond my grasp. And then I wonder if I am crazy Smile
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Post  Tue, Mar 17 2020, 11:08 pm
And a lot of what he says does pertain to davening.
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Post  Wed, Nov 25 2020, 5:56 pm
Hi, I crash coursed the elevation program in the lockdown and I have to tell you that it has changed my life!
I never connected to davening formally, or the Beis Yaacov crying-out-from-broken-heart style kavanna! It didn't bring me close to Hashem, only lots of despair and neck pain!
I loved meditating in the outdoors and experiancing Hashem through nature. Rabbi Katz totally blew me away when he explained that teffila IS a meditation! Now I just RELAX into prayer with no tension, only becoming one with the world and Hashem and it FEELS amazing!
I shared his teachings with two friends of mine, both BTs and it has also changed their lives!
So please don't be put of by naysayers, try his free stuff on you tube and see if it sings to you!
Lots of love, and follow your heart
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Post  Wed, Nov 25 2020, 6:55 pm
Hi OP,

I remember this thread. I thought I had commented on it but looks like I didn’t. Maybe I commented on another one you wrote.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this, I wanted to tell you that you should definitely go after a higher, more spiritual way of living. That’s why we’re here! I think the reason why people warn you away from it is that there’s a danger of becoming unbalanced if someone dives in too deep spiritually and gets detached from the practical realities of the world.

Ideally, you would have your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground, so that whatever spiritual experiences you attain, you bring them back down into the world and elevate your life and the lives of others.

So as long as you are grounded, I would say if you are interested in Rabbi Daniel Katz’s material, go for it. (For what it’s worth, I knew him and his family years ago, and they struck me at as very good, genuine people.)

Btw if you are interested in growing in your capacity for spiritual experience while staying grounded, and want to be individually guided in this journey, please contact me because I may be able to help you.

Wishing you all the best, and don’t stop striving for more!
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Post  Wed, Nov 25 2020, 8:43 pm
It looks like there are videos on-line. Is this program available without a fee?
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