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Post  Mon, Dec 02 2019, 3:27 pm
NaturalMom5 said something in a different thread that struck me as true.
We have very little learning going on here.
I'm starting a thread.
Let's share. Divrei Torah on the Parsha, Halacha, anything.

I'll start. At the end of the Parsha, we talk about Yaakov meeting up with Malachim. Why? It's brought down (but I don't remember by who) that these Malachim that met Yaakov were actually the ones whom he sent to Eisav in next week's Parsha.

Anyone else?
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Post  Mon, Dec 02 2019, 3:38 pm
When yitzchak asked yaakov (thinking he was Eisav) how he came back with the game prepared so fast, yaakov answered " Hashem sent them to me quickly". From this answer Yitzchak was confused about his son's identity, since Eisav rarely spoke of Hashem. The question stands, didn't Yitzchak think that Eisav was a Ben Torah? If so why would he be surprised to hear Hashem's name escape his lips?
The answer is that yaakov never left the Bet midrash, so he was very quick to speak of Hashem. Eisav, on the other hand, spent most of his time in the fields that were full of tumah, where Hashem's name cannot be uttered. Therefore Eisav was not so quick to speak of Hashem.
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