Hashem we will always remain true to you song?

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Post  Fri, Jan 03 2020, 2:14 pm
Does anyone know the title for this song? Or full lyrics? I would love to listen to it to get chizuk
What I remember-

Whatever they say
whatever they do
Hashem we will always remain true to you
they may break our bodies
they may break our bones
but they cannot diminish our souls

Something like this?
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Post  Fri, Jan 03 2020, 2:23 pm
What a nice song!!

Was on a Camp Rayim tape from years ago!

Something like this

Throughout the ages through torment and pain
We remained Klal Yisroel
A nation that’s named the am hanivchar
We have a story to tell

It started in Egypt so long ago
They were the first ones to try
A nation of slaves
Emerged proud and free
Our Father paid heed to our cries

Wherever we go....

Don’t know the rest- goes through Spain/ then the Holocaust/ then now

We live in the ???
The land of the free
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Post  Fri, Jan 03 2020, 2:25 pm
I forgot. I remember singing it in highschool but slightly different:
“Wherever we go, whatever we do”
Hashem we will always remain true to you
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Post  Mon, Jan 06 2020, 2:01 pm
Hi, cholenteater! (I gladly leave you the beans, the beef or chicken, and especially the barley yuck! I'll take the potatoes, kugel and kishke, thanks. Very Happy )
In case anyone following this topic is interested, I composed (some years ago, in fact) a song along the same lines as the one you're describing, and have entitled it "The Satan Won't Win". Important: I intend "Satan" to be pronounced the correct original Hebrew way, [sut-TUN], not the anglicized way used by "them" l'havdil [SAY-tin]. It's got enough verses to fill both sides of an 8.5" x 11" sheet. The tune is very easy to learn. Performed by a choir, it would have the same rhythm and pace as (again, l'havdil) a lively, syncopated 4/4 gospel song. (By syncopated, I mean "downbeat clap downbeat clap".)
I got the idea for the refrain from the publication "Yossele Rakover's Letter to G-d".
Anyone interested in the lyrics can post a reply. That, however, would not help her learn the tune. (Sorry, I still can't write sheet music. YET.) I can PM any interested reader my phone number (Toronto) and I will be glad to sing it for her over the phone.
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Post  Mon, Jan 06 2020, 6:41 pm
Yes, that’s right op
And another stanza is
Wherever we go whatever we do
HaShem we’ll keep hoping and praying to You
That You’ll be like a Father
Who holds His child’s hands
And return us to our homeland
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