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Post  Sun, Jan 05 2020, 10:34 am
Yesterday we were having a good touch bad touch talk with DS10. BH he really can express what's right and wrong.

He said that over the summer when all the camps would rent out water parks together. Some of the other camps would get completely naked to change at the water parks ... And sometimes even the rebbes.

He said he think because by these communities mikvah is a daily think even for the younger boys. So they dont care as much.

I was very upset that grown men would willingly change in a room full of children.

In our shul mikveh the Rav has a recording played on repeat. Where he tells people to be covered by clothes or a towel at all times. And I know that this is something that everyone is careful about

In addition I remember hearing it is against halacha to see your father, fil, or Rav/rebbe naked.

What is going? I wish we would have a nation wide movement to educate our children and not tolerate this kind of thing.

I told my son, the rebbe was wrong to change like that. (He knew that) and I'm trying to think of ways he can avoid that kind of situation altogether while still enjoying his summer and the water parks. BH in his own camp the director is very strict about the children and counselors not exposing themselves.
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Post  Mon, Jan 06 2020, 11:15 am
Maybe you can mention this to the director and the director can speak to other camp directors? If this is something that he's strict about I'm sure he wouldn't want his campers exposed to other camps behaving like this... or they can find different places to take the campers?
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Post  Mon, Jan 06 2020, 11:34 am
There isn't a community or sect where mikva is a thing at all, let alone daily, for young kids.
When we used to go to waterparks with other camps, many many girls changed out in the open because there's no where else for that many people to change.
I do not believe that Rabbi's stripped down in front of kids.
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