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Post Tue, Jan 07 2020, 10:55 am
avrahamama wrote:
Therapy does seem to be a popular answer to most problems here.

I think a parenting coach or just a rebetzin whose parenting style you connect with can be a helpful real life reference.

It's not therapy but it is using a "qualified professional" for guidance.

My son has a rebbe he absolutely adores. This rebbe isn't a father yet (please Hashem soon) but anytime I need advice on how to get through to my son I call this rebbe. And he seems to know what will work best.

Increasing love between your kids would be great. But maybe also find ways to get them all their personal space. It's possible everyone is also too close for comfort. Maybe get each boy their own after school program that they like. How busy are your kids? Sometimes these things happen because the kids are just not busy enough. They need to be busy with school work, learning/davening, chores, and a hobby.

Get your two older boys hobbies so they're too busy.

Usually if an older sibling find the need to constantly criticize a younger child it means that they're not feeling good about themselves. You must find out why.
Is he doing well in school? Does he have good friends?
Not sure if they still have it but agudah used to have a "older brother" mentoring program , maybe you can find something like that where you live?
Keep them separate as much as possible in the meantime.
Alternate playdates and activities so time they're home together is minimal!
Your older child can get a small job (volunteer or remunerated)
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