DD in a school where none of my neighbors send

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Post  Mon, Jan 13 2020, 11:13 am
I grew up in lakewood and I went to bais faiga. All the families on my block sent there too with a handfull of girls who were in my grade. I live in a development now with not a single family in the same elementary as us... wondering if this is going to affect my girls negatively?
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Post  Mon, Jan 13 2020, 11:19 am
Depends on the dynamics. My girls have made good friends with neighbors of different schools. If the girls are clicky or snobby, it might be an issue. I'm having that problem with my 10 yo.
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Post  Mon, Jan 13 2020, 11:20 am
It won't. I also grew up in Lakewood and attended Bais Faiga and just about my entire grade was walking distance to each other. Now there are so many schools kah and especially with my children attending smaller school, the closest classmates live probably 20 min walking distance. It's fine, they're friends with girls from other schools/other grades. They're fine bh...
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 11:51 am
In my neighborhood there's a whole mix of schools. I don't see the friends' situation having anything to do with schools where I live. DD isn't more friendly with a BF girl than she is with the girls in BRR or Bnos Yaakov. It's more about personality, etc...
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 12:54 pm
Both my girls and boys have this.
They have good neighborhood friends.
And when it comes to camp they have a bigger pick of friends to choose which camp to go to.
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 1:45 pm
It's convenient to have kids in the same school in your development for carpools and left matchbooks.
But all my kids have school friends and development friends. They become friends with neighbors friends and it becomes a huge Jewish Geography situation.
It's Mazel anyways. My DD is in BF. She has one girl her age in our development in a parallel class, and their chemistry is not good.
She's way better friends with the girls from the other schools.
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 2:38 pm
Honestly, sometimes it isn't the best to have them right there.
I had one classmate who lived near me, and it was very convenient for carpool and homework exchange when one of us was out, but she also told everyone that my dad wears a jacket in 100 degrees weather and that I have childish hello kitty pjs and that my bedtime is way earlier than I pretended it to be. I hated it.
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