BEST JOGGING STROLLER - need help deciding

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Post  Mon, Jan 13 2020, 11:40 pm
I've been out of the stroller scene for many years and need advice which stroller to purchase for exercise walks and general use. Feel free to suggest others. Considering the following:

Baby Jogger Summit X3 - 2016 / air-filled rubber tires

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 12:05 am
2019- City mini GT2:
- canopy
-lift up foot rest and easy basket access
-sleeker design; if you look closely the seat is attached differently (the old one snaps on)
-different adapter pieces for any attachments (the older ones use pieces that look like giant headphone plugs)
Try this link:
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 12:25 am
Thank you Lasanga - your link was EXCELLENT and exactly what I needed.

I'm going to update my thread in the hopes of getting recommendations from those that have these strollers to help me narrow down and figure out which to order.
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 1:24 am
BOBs push like a dream.

I've been satisfied with this one: Trend Expedition Stroller - it's much cheaper, pushes easily, and is pretty stable.

It doesn't last forever, mine is a few years old and is in poor shape. But if you're not planning on using it long term, and don't expect to sell it, it's an excellent value.
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 8:30 am
I have a Bob and love it! I bought used and it has many more years in it. I can push my 60# kid easily in it, though she's tall for it.
The summit is also a great stroller. Easy fold, nice looking. I never owned one, but people that have it like it.
Thule is an awesome running stroller. If you are not a hard core, or even medium core ;-) runner, I don't think it's for you. But people like the look, I personally don't. It does have a shallow seat.
Otherwise there are all terrain strollers and you'll have more choices to choose from!
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