Is Bamba Healthy?
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Post  Tue, Jan 14 2020, 10:04 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Wow sounds interesting. Thanks. Is this just for your baby or everyone else eats it too?

This is for the family - I am not sure a baby would like it but there is nothing wrong in having having your children develop adventurous palates from an early age.

ETA - There are lots of healthy ingredients for a baby in there or a child and you could probably food process it to get rid of solids if you prefer.
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Post  Wed, Jan 15 2020, 2:45 am
My sister in law is deathly allergic to peanuts. The doctor, here in Israel, told her to give her child bumba (they did it in a medical setting, just in case).
Thankfully he is not allergic and loves it.

Its literally the go to snack here in Israel, for most.
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Post  Wed, Jan 15 2020, 3:38 am
I'm pretty up there when it comes to healthy food, especially for baby. I give only organic for the first year. I started giving bamba occasionally once she saw others with it in the park. I buy the health food store version when it is on sale but she gets regular too. I don't love the corn in it but it's better IMO than potato chips. Anyway, I don't give her gluten yet so no pretzels or cow dairy and she's almost 1 1/2 years old. Bamba, I wanted to start earlier so she'd have peanuts around her. So, it depends what else the baby is getting to determine how bad occasional bamba might be. I don't consider it healthy at all and I personally won't touch it as it is total junk for me but an ok treat for her which she's bound to eat from others anyway. I give PB on grain free bread as well which my baby likes.

She's definitely the healthiest of all of my kids by far who I didn't raise this way as I researched later on.
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Post  Wed, Jan 15 2020, 6:31 am
Dolly1 wrote:
My pediatrician always tells me to make sure to give my kids bamba. And I always make sure to do so as soon as they can have it. I lived in Israel and recently moved to the US, and the “peanut free” zones wherever I turn r frightening!! Right after I moved I was once sitting in a park and my son was eating bamba. The woman next to me gave me a weird look . I didn’t know what she wanted from me, but before I knew it I was getting a full lecture on how irresponsible it is to allow my kids to eat peanuts in a public place. Honestly, I didn’t know what hit me. Since then I only allow my kids to eat bamba in the house cuz I dont wanna b responsible for anything, but I remember making a mental note then and there that I will make sure my kids get their fair dose of bamba to try and prevent such strong allergies!

Sorry for the uncomfortable situation and lectures could be very demeaning, but please see it from a different perspective.
There is something called epigenetics. Genes and the physical body actually change in different countries/climates. american children and Israeli children are different physically.

We are in food production and currently stopping production of every single item that hasr an ingredient that could have been produced on equipment that touched nuts. On chanuka, we had a customer wake my husband that a food was cross contaminated with nuts. His son stopped breathing and was hospitalized. The hospital released him, only to have him admitted in middle of the night again.
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