Nominating someone who can't win the general election
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Post  Fri, Jan 17 2020, 1:53 am
Fox wrote:
I think it depends on what you mean by "homosexual rights."

Given that we are in galus and live in large countries with people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, values, and religions, we have to acknowledge that not everyone holds the same beliefs we do. Therefore, if we want to be treated civilly, respectfully, and lawfully by people who believe we are sinners, we must extend the same courtesy to others.

While most gays wanted some kind of marriage or civil partnership, a silent majority feel that the demand for "rights" has long since jumped the shark. Indeed, there is a great deal of cynicism within various gay communities toward LGBT activists and their sudden focus on transgender issues.

It is also a mistake to assume that every LGBT individual supports the "we're here and we're queer" mentality of LGBT activists and Big Gay media. The majority are relatively appalled.

Likewise, if you get your information from activists or Big Gay media, as quite a few Imamothers seem to, you would think that most LGBT people are "proud." On the contrary, while many have accepted their orientation, virtually all of those who are not in long-term relationships and even some who are, readily acknowledge that they wish they weren't gay.

One well-known gay conservative activist said recently in a private setting, "I used to pray every night before I went to bed that I would wake up and not be gay. Even though I'm in a relationship now, I still sometimes do, because I know this isn't what G-d wants for me."

People are messy and complex, and the challenge of compassion is figuring out where to draw the line between acceptance and validation.

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