14 yr olds hands have slight tremor

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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 1:37 am
I noticed my sons hand shake very slightly when he has them on the table, or holds something, etc.

Anyone have experience with this because I’m so concerned.
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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 2:51 am
Please go and see a doctor.
We can not give a diagnosis over the internet.
In any case, I myself have a tremor. I inherited it from my parent.
Some of my siblings, kids also got it.
It's not dangerous.
It doesn't bother me much.
My kid has a low profile in the army because of it. Well, how are you supposed to hold a gun if your hands might shake...
Well, don't worry too much and have a neurologist check it out.
Good Luck
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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 2:56 am
Is he on antibiotics? (Or other medications)... That may be the cause.
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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 7:51 am
Just to show you what a variety of dx you could get, it could be Graves Disease (I.e. hyperthyroidism). Has he lost weight lately, or is he eating more and losing weight (or not gaining), or are there any mood shifts? Diet and mood can also be due to his being a teenager, but it can also be part of hyper.

Go to a doctor, and make you get quick and easy answers.
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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 8:49 am
My daughter has slight tremor.
She is on strong gi meds. Her gi recommended we video it and go to neurologist to check out.
But it’s so slight it doesn’t even come up in video.
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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 9:01 am
My friend had this at that age. It was due to caffeine intake. No more coffee, chocolate even, etc. Solved the problem. She was seen by a neurologist.
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Post  Sun, Jan 19 2020, 10:02 am
First, get a full blood panel done, and check for any vitamin deficiencies. Ask to check for folate anemia, because they often don't do it unless you insist. Pretty much everyone is deficient in something, like vitamin D.

If the blood panel comes out OK, then go straight to a neurologist. I hope it's "nothing", and easily remedied. Do NOT panic until you get a professional to go over everything.

Tremors are like headaches. It could be stress, it could be cancer. You won't know until you have it checked, so there is no use in trying to guess what it might be. You'll only upset yourself in the meantime.
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