We would love to be guests at your Shabbos table.please read
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Post  Thu, Jan 23 2020, 10:24 am
If you're in Israel you're welcome to come to us. I haven't had guests in a few weeks because I just started a new job where I work Fridays, but I am hoping to get my act together and have guests again soon.
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Post  Thu, Jan 23 2020, 10:30 am
I totally hear you and my heart goes out to you.

I never knew this could be an issue, as we have all types of guests (we enjoy company at our shabbos table) , singles, couples, married with kids, widows, elderly people, students and obviously also married couples without children.

They enjoy having kids around (not ALL people, but definitely most) and they engage in games etc.

again I wouldnt have thought that it could be hard to find company and that childress couples generally feel isolated.

I hope you will be invited soon.
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Post  Fri, Jan 24 2020, 12:36 pm
I want to thank everyone for their feedback and support. It really means a lot that there are people out there who care! I also want to thank those who offered to invite us; however, I want to remain anonymous. Just please think of people like my husband and me. People can invite and if the couple does not feel comfortable, they can decline. People need to look around, go out of their comfort zone a little, and ask those who are alone or a couple over for a meal. I know that many people have situations why they can't invite. I am talking about the people who entertain regularly. Also, if this post does not help us, at least, I hope that it will help others.
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Post  Fri, Jan 24 2020, 12:44 pm
Could potluck meals be an option for you so you could host more often? Alternatively, try to speak up with those you are closer to and tell them you'd love to get together more often.

My husband and I are relatively young (upper 40s) but our kids are older and don't live at home any more. We do get lonely but it never occurred to me to do anything other than host people more often.

I don't think anyone thinks to reach out to married couples that have no kids at home because, BH, they have each other! It's really not the same thing as a single elderly man/woman or a divorced/widowed individual/family.
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