How To Be A Perfect Parent - easy (Mishpacha)
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Post  Sat, Feb 01 2020, 7:15 pm
#BestBubby wrote:
I understand that in RARE cases it may be necessary to cut off contact with abusive parents.
But this "heter" is being abused. Not every "difficult" parent may be cut off/Kareis.

Similar story in Jewish magazine of a family feud (over yerusha?) where siblings divided into two camps with no contact and insisted their children carry on the feud. A grandchild realized the family had an unusual high number of tragedies: Cancer, Older Singles, Infertility. The grandchild wrote up a list of all family members on BOTH sides who needed a Yeshua and asked every family member to sign a shtar (contract) that they forgive everyone and will invite BOTH sides to all simchas. After everyone signed the contract, the family experienced many Yeshuos.

Imagine how much more tragedy one can bring upon oneself for cutting off a Parent!
Think about it!

Kareis is a divine punishment, doled out by God. It is not something physical. It's an extinction of the Neshama and denial of a share in Olam Haba. Educate yourself on the words you'd like to use before making up a new language or slashing your new fangled definitions nonchalantly with English words.
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Post  Sat, Feb 01 2020, 7:41 pm
It's not our place to judge anyone. But we also shouldn't judge a mother in pain writing a letter.
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Post  Sat, Feb 01 2020, 8:57 pm
Just want to say it's not always the way it seems even to the parent.
My good friends children cut her off on advice from rabbanim (hopefully temporarily) until she gets help.
If you hear her side of her story , she says the girls just got a crazy idea in their head. She says there is nothing wrong with the way she parented her children and looking back would not have changed a thing.
As her close friend I can say she most probably has a personality disorder and needs royal help. Been pushing it for years but she is always right and in her mind does nothing wrong.(no matter how much disfunction there is)
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