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Post  Tue, Jan 28 2020, 8:49 am
My 10 year old very angry kid. Im super calm with him , I dont loose myself bh which could've happened many times while he pushes my buttons plenty of times but im not overreacting towards his behavior. It comes morning he gets upset he doesnt like anything for recess when I have a full cabinet of snacks. He's got a big selection to choose from but nothing is good enough , .. he starts to get angry talking disrespectful and angry . The main thing what bothers me is that he is just angry making faces and smirks to me and its ongoing this. I feel already like im really platzing with his behaviour. Its always something he will find to get angry @ mommy. I was thinking already to make my dh come home to put him onto the bus so I dont have to deal with his anger. He wouldnt let me stand @ the window to see him go onto the bus since im still in pj's (nightgown) but he knows I stand @ the corner and no one can see me , im just peeking out a drop, still I cant stand there , and so much more things that gets him angry . Im very calm towards him and I do try to help him in whatever way , nothing changing . He just makes me wanna cry most of the time when he leaves to cheider since he is making me a hard time.this is Mostly mornings . Afternoons he comes home ok , @ night he is clicky and needy as can be , we play games , we bond together @ night, but mornings are just unmanageable with him. How can I deal with his anger ?? And would u punish for this ? Today came to a point I feel I do need to punish , since every morning is a different something going on.
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Post  Tue, Jan 28 2020, 8:54 am
I would have a conversation with him when he's calm and say calmly what you see, "I see that even though we have many snacks you aren't happy with them. What kind of snack would you want me to buy?"
I would put on a robe to watch him go on the bus-he's nervous someone will see you and it is not a crazy thing if a mother puts on a robe over her pajamas.
Communication, communication, communication.
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Post  Tue, Jan 28 2020, 8:57 am
It seems like he needs lots of TLC and validation.
Something may be going on in school or the bus that he is acting out
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