I need desperate advice and how would u deal?
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Post  Mon, Feb 03 2020, 5:49 pm
amother [ Slategray ] wrote:
Well, tell your dh that your son senses when dh is trying to avoid (he IS afraid of) his outbursts , and as a result he can gets away with stuff. He needs to man up and be a father. Your son is a kid and he needs discipline. Is it better that he comes home yelling for taxi money when you're asleep?

He might stomp and blow if you force him to come home, but he will get over it, and see who is in charge.

If you dont discipline now, he will continue doing whatever he wants and be able to get away with it.

Its always easier to avoid confrontation and give in, but its not teaching kids responsibility nor respect.

I agree DH is AFRAID of your son's tantrums. That is why your son throws tantrums -
because DS knows it intimidates DH and so DH gives in to avoid provoking a tantrum.

Very wrong. A child is supposed to fear and obey his parents - not the other way around!
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