Pelosi ripping speech a dignified act

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Post  Thu, Feb 06 2020, 11:46 am
This is what this delusional, jealous and bitter woman just had the gall to say at a press conference! A dignified act? She also said the president has no understanding of prayer or faith. How can she possibly know that? Isn’t prayer and faith, and a relationship with G-d a very personal and private thing, to which no outside person is privy (unless they deem themselves mind readers, as this delusional Pelosi might actually believe she is)?

She also said the president looked like he was on drugs, right after she claimed she was extending her hand in friendship and a desire to work together! Lol. Does anyone believe this lying lowlife?

This woman is completely unfit to hold any position which affects the public, much less serving Americans, as she is not only delusional, highly unintelligent, classless and completely lacking in patriotism and love of country, but most of all, her only priority is her own career and desire for power rather than the good of the American people.

This undeserving shameful person needs to be thrown out of our govt. on her behind. We should see that soon.
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