I don’t eat out/ buy my food.
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Post  Sun, Feb 09 2020, 11:29 am
watergirl wrote:
Yes its self righteous and annoying. But why is it triggering you?

Having an opinion and finding something off-putting has nothing to do with being triggered.
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Post  Sun, Feb 09 2020, 12:36 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Do you find someone selling homemade food out of their house but with a policy that they won’t eat by anyone else’s house off putting? Like, “I don’t trust your kashrut, but you can trust mine!”
It’s bothering me. Am I being petty?

Well presumably if they’re selling commercially, they would have to have a certifying kashrus agency giving her food a hashgacha. Her point is probably that she has no such assurance when people make their own food, and yes, it sounds judgmental. She shouldn’t publicize that.
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Post  Sun, Feb 09 2020, 12:37 pm
amother [ Copper ] wrote:
For years I ran a private chef company out of my home.
No hechsher. Never pretended to have one.
I was constanly amazed by the amount of people who said that I'm obviously trustworthy bcz. I cover my hair. Huh??
It was their peragotive to use my services.
What would that have to do with where I eat?
I have since moved and now live in a place where there are lots of home food businesses. I only use the ones I know personally and would eat at their house for shabbos.
But the home meat smoker, herring maker, cake designer who I don't know and who don't have hashgacha don't get my business.

A lot of people are very lax in which hechshers they use and many don’t even check or care much, as long as they’re “kosher” it’s good enough.
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