Does any body not clean for pesach and stays home
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Post  Wed, Feb 12 2020, 3:10 pm
I dont allow food anywhere except dining room and kitchen. I clean those rooms. But, I seal up chometz cabinets and have pesach cabinets that are kept that way year round.
My "biggest cleaning " is fridge and freezer and even that, I sometimes seal off part of freezer and sell it. I dont have any time to do more than that.
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Post  Wed, Feb 12 2020, 3:12 pm
I clean as I grew up watching my parents do: basic spring cleaning, but not driving myself nuts. Cleaning the kitchen a bit more thoroughly, kashering what's needed (counters, sink, oven, stove), keeping but sealing away all chametz. I keep my pesach dishes in a kitchen cabinet of their own so I don't have to bother lining the rest of the cabinets/drawers, they get sealed with the chametz.

Biggest challenge is trying to keep the kids from taking food anywhere but the kitchen/dining room in the weeks leading up to pesach, but if I find old chametz in a bedroom during the chag I don't flip.
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Post  Wed, Feb 12 2020, 3:14 pm
I recently read an article about Rebbetzin Gittel Kaplan and found the following piece very inspiring:
"We went to the Kaplans for the Seder, and Gittel was as calm as could be. How did she do it? I wondered. Then she told me her secret — she’d sold anything she didn’t need for Pesach. Her toy cupboards, her books — they were all locked up."

If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me.
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Post  Wed, Feb 12 2020, 6:01 pm
No chometz is allowed out of the kitchen and dining room ever. (I grew up with no food allowed but I'm lenient, and apple or gum I'm ok with lol) I had this rule even when my kids were very little so they ONLY were allowed food in the high chair until they could understand that. Everyone also has to wash their hands and make sure there's no food on them before leaving the kitchen/dining room. These are much more hygiene rules than "Pesach" rules. Crumbs in beds, books, toys, games etc... are disgusting and attract insects. I'm always a little grossed out when I see people allowing their kids to walk around eating in their houses TMI

This makes pesach cleaning fairly straightforward. Kitchen and dining room get cleaned well. The rest of the house gets cleaned of course but never before pesach. I did my kids rooms in November this year. And no, I NEVER find food. Only dust bunnies LOL
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