Is instagram a total waste of time for people browsing
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Post  Fri, Feb 14 2020, 2:07 am
Do it! Delete it! Cold turkey, do it right now don’t let yourself think!

Instagram is like one unending commercial. Even the people cooking and giving you recipes are paid advertisements, trying to get you to buy the food product some Jewish company is paying them to promote. And they all swear that they only market things they love, but please.

The worst are the people who aren’t trying to sell you anything but themselves. It felt like watching a train wreck. Look at me! Look at me! I’m so pretty look at me!

And you think you can just follow like four people and avoid the rest, but Instagram now just sends you ads in the middle of your scrolling.

I decided to start two new shiurim programs to replace the Instagram, and suddenly I’m not constantly shopping. Before I felt like my kids didn’t have enough clothes and I could really use a new outfit and I have to run back to the store to cook that recipe that looks amazing even though it’s ten minutes for shabbos. Break free!
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