Michal for a future baby girl in chasidish community
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Post  Tue, Feb 25 2020, 12:29 am
amother [ Violet ] wrote:
I went to satmar. Many many (30+) years ago. In pre1a had a classmate named aliza. We all called her aliza n obviously had np with that
Then a "very nice" teacher came and made an announcement. We were going to call her, I think, goldy? Because aliza is not a real name and obviously her mom made a mistake or something.. naturally, being kids, we continued calling her aliza. Im assuming tho can't even remember that the teacher continued calling her herown name.. tbh there were many things wrong with this teacher and im guessing such a story wouldn't happen today.. although I recall we treated her like every else, aliza ended up changing schools the next year, to another very chasidish school actually, n it seems she did well there too.

I went to a RWMO school. In ninth grade, there was a girl with a very nice but not super common name. Not Biblical, more like Biblically inspired. Nothing outlandish, I’ve actually seen it as a SN here 😀. But definitely Hebrew and not particularly Zionist either. Anyway, there was a very yeshivish teacher who insisted that it’s not a Hebrew name, and for the entire year she called the girl by her middle, very common, name.
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Post  Tue, Feb 25 2020, 7:40 am
Madam F. wrote:
What is the reason that you keep your job a secret from your kids? Im curious.

While I can’t speak for nchr, I am chassidish so I can try answering. Getting a degree is a big no-no, as is a woman being overly career-oriented. Getting a degree “exposes” you to secular knowledge, and investing too much time in a career is seen as neglecting your priorities as a mother and wife. So while many women will work as secretaries, teachers and the like to help with parnassa, being a psychologist or a businesswoman is out-if-the-box.

I just wanted to add that I love your posts nchr, and admire you a lot.
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