Do you own a beauty salon?

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Post  Sun, Feb 23 2020, 12:04 pm
I have just opened my salon a few weeks ago and want to hear from others how I can enhance my clients experience. Owners, what changes have you made which you find gave the salon a boost in popularity?

Please share particularly good/bad experience you have had as a customer. What makes you become a returning client, what do you love about the salon, the therapist's behaviour, how well treatment goes, price, decor, just the brand name of the salon...?

As I work, I often wonder if the customer wants me to keep quiet or likes the light chatter; what do you prefer?
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Post  Sun, Feb 23 2020, 12:50 pm
I’m a customer not owner.

When a beauty salon opened in my neighborhood, I was their first customer (since my old salon had closed down the month before so I chose this new one blindly.)

I watched the birth of their business, and then the growth.
I was a steady customer, paid well, brought treats with me, always pleasant, said thank you, never demanded or criticized, etc.

After a few months, they grew so much and got a clientele of well dressed, ritzy women.

Slowly I became a nobody.
I didn’t have beautiful skinny legs, nor do I wear a perfect long wig, or gorgeous face full of makeup.
So I became a less preferred customer...

I started hearing this from other customers like me, as well.

And that’s when I left and never turned back.

Treat all your customers equally.
I’ve got more money in my pocket than many plastic doll looking customers bh.

I was an easy customer, but they lost out.
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Post  Sun, Feb 23 2020, 7:48 pm
Just remembered about my unfortunate story. I called a well known salon as a kalla to enquire about a facial before my wedding - how long before to book so that the spots which will come out after will have time to go. Secretary claimed 10 days before wedding. My mom double checked with her. When I came to get the treatment done, the therapist asked when I'm getting married and was horrified to hear just over a week. She claimed a facial should be done way earlier... Well well maybe she should get a new informed secretary.

At least my make up artist did a good job covering up all those pimples
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Post  Sun, Feb 23 2020, 9:56 pm
I am a customer not an owner but I think many will agree that a pleasant, calm and upbeat atmosphere may be one of the most important attributes of a successful salon. I frequent a certain salon because the owner always has a smile on her face, a kind word, a warm hello. She makes every customer feel special. Her pace is unhurried though efficient. The people she hires are friendly. After cleanliness and skill, this to me seems to be the most important feature in a service business like a beauty salon. Certainly not price.
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