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Post  Sun, Feb 23 2020, 3:48 pm
How about sharing great ideas you've found worked for you?

I'm eating my portabello pizza & I realized I have to focus on cutting & eating it. So, foods that require attention (sunny side up eggs come to mind) that will help me avoid eating mindlessly while I eat/surf etc.

This recipe happens to be great for me as I need to lower my carbs:

This is for one person. If you have more people in your house who will eat it, size up accordingly.

Preheat toaster oven to 450.
Line a disposable 9x13 with parchment paper.
Take two portabello mushrooms. Cut out the stems (I just trim off the bottom) & slice into pan.
Cut off the black gills on the bottom (according to my Kashrus experts, anyhow. YMMV).
Place cap side up, drizzle a bit of oil.
Broil or bake about 10 min.

Meanwhile, slice a plum tomato thinly. (In a pinch, use cherry tomatoes, or even skip them).
Crush 2 cloves fresh garlic or defrost 2 cubes & mush around the tomatoes.
When the top of the mushroom is done (ish), turn over & top w the tomatoes & another drizzle of oil. (extra tomato slices just go in the pan)

Put back in to broil while you dice 2 slices meunster cheese (or other you prefer).
After about 7 min sprinkle the cheese all over. It will need just a minute to melt or brown if you prefer.

Slide the paper onto a plate (use a real plate, honey. Treat yourself like a guest!!!)
Sit down with a fork and sharp knife to slice the mushrooms and enjoy!

Let me know how you liked it!

Next up: who's tried those hearts of palm noodles?

(I've bought the Zero calorie mushroom pasta, but it looked so slimy I couldn't bring myself to taste it. But, guess what? Though I can't say I'm carb-free, when I eat lots of proteins & delicious vegetable, and tell myself that grumbling in my stomach is just my Yetzer Horah, BH I am doing pretty well!)
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Post  Sun, Feb 23 2020, 4:18 pm
Hot sauce on everything. I like it, but I can't ignore it.
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