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Post  Tue, Mar 03 2020, 11:55 am
Where I live, a new company Millennium wigs have been advertising a lot. They claim to have a hechsher and I even emailed them about it. They replied saying "a mashgiach temidi is present at all stages of processing"

I also received a list of rabbonim who are on the vaad, some very respectable trusted people.

So I'm wondering how this company has managed to avoid India, because even some of the biggest wig companys are admitting that as far as they know, all hair is from India.

I'm asking because their wigs are beautiful, and great for smaller budgets. I want to get one, but my husband is wondering if this hechsher thing is a scam.
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Post  Tue, Mar 03 2020, 12:06 pm
How can all hair be from India? People all over the world have hair to sell. Some brands specifically advertise european hair or brazilian hair or korean hair or russian hair. What do you mean all Indian?

In addition I don't personally understand what the big deal is anyhow if it is from India. If Jews can buy a church and make it into a shul why can't this supposed avoda zara hair be elevated by being made into a sheitel for a mitzvah?

If you can't even trust respected rabbis and believe they are tyring to scam you then by all means don't buy and enjoy your tichel.
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