Is there something wrong with my baby? (UPDATE: pg 3)
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Post  Thu, Mar 05 2020, 5:36 pm
amother [ Gray ] wrote:
Tongue tie would probably cause the baby not to eat enough, at least this was the case with my baby. So I don't think this is the case with OP's baby, although you never know.

Tongue tied babies can gain nicely and eat enough. It's just uncomfortable for them to suck and they suck in air when they eat causing them to be gassy.
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Post  Thu, Mar 05 2020, 9:41 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
So happy you figured out what was bothering her!
Waiting on insurance for Prevacid.

He switched to Enfamil Gentlease a few weeks ago. It helped but not enough. I actually just started him on similac soy formula today. We’ll see how it goes.
How long after you started the soy formula did you see a difference?

I also tried her on genltease but didnt see much of a difference. I then put her on enfamil soy and saw results within a week.
Similac makes a lactose free dairy formula.
If it was a severe dairy intolerance you would probably see alot of fussing after breastfeeding also, even if you are off dairy there is still lactose in breast milk. Going off dairy usually helps more with gas.
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Post  Sun, May 03 2020, 11:17 am

Can’t believe it’s been only two months since I started this thread. My, how the world has changed!

Just wanted to come back her to give an update.

Two days after his babysitter said he can’t come anymore, the state shut down all daycares and schools. Honestly, for me, the timing couldn’t have been better! Baby is home with me now and is BH thriving. I’m still feeling a lot of guilt over the fact that I left him with babysitters that weren’t happy with him and didn’t give him the attention he needed. This was my first baby I had to send to a babysitter (he’s my third kid) and I hope I won’t have to do it again!

Switching him to soy formula really helped, as did upping his dose of Zantac. The dairy formula was the culprit in those nasty diapers he was having. They disappeared after we switched to soy formula.

At this point, he’s 6 months and we already weaned him off of Zantac as his reflux has been much better.

He started eating solids and has taken to it really well! He loves mealtime. And I love it because he’s (finally) giving me some more time between feedings (3.5- 4 hrs instead of the 2.5 - 3 hrs it’s been since he was born.)
His napping naturally improved as well, now that he’s older.

I’m just thankful the timing ended up working out and I didn’t have to choose between keeping my job or having my baby home with me. I was lucky to get both!

Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions! I really appreciate every single one!
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Post  Sun, May 03 2020, 11:19 am
Thanks for updating
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Post  Sun, May 03 2020, 11:43 am
Try having baby checked out for tongue tied. It’s a 5 min procedure. It has helped many babies with crying , feeding issues
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