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Post  Sun, Mar 15 2020, 11:22 am
Can people post educational links that can be used for learning for kids out of school?
bonus if they are free
thank you
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Post  Sun, Mar 15 2020, 1:38 pm
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Post  Sun, Mar 15 2020, 6:09 pm
You don't say what ages your kids are but below are a few that I found useful.
If you are in the UK look at BBC Bitesize which has an amazing amount of stuff linked to the national curriculum
Corbettmaths.com has videos, worksheets and 5 a day questions for probably age 11+ up to GCSE
Twinkl.co.uk - some is free and the rest you have a pay for a subscription but if your kids are off for a long time it might be worth it for you. This has from kindergarten all the way up to GCSE level, with handwriting, comprehension and a ton more. The benefit is that a lot of the worksheets are differentiated so you can do the same work with a few children on different levels.
National Geographic for kids
sparklebox.co.uk for primary age children

if you don't mind spending a bit of money then Kumon for the younger kids - tracing, cutting, pasting, mazes are really nice - the ones for maths and English my kids found them quite repetitive and a bit boring.

If you want something fun and educational then klutz books are fantastic especially the lego ones but they are pricey, but it's something they can come back to. It teaches them about physics but in a fun way they don't realise they are learning. And they should be able to manage it on their own. There are lots of craft ones as well for different ages.

For kodesh - chinuch.org
Torahschool.co.uk has general knowledge worksheets, and also rashi's that are linked to the parsha that are very nicely done.

Good luck!
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Post  Sun, Mar 15 2020, 6:13 pm
For Kodesh:

TorahLive.com (has free accounts now)
Gemara Academy (ditto)
KidsChitas.org (daily 20 minute shiur)
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Post  Mon, Mar 16 2020, 1:59 am
Love http://www.chinuch.org - so many great projects on lots of Jewish topics.
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