PSA: your cashier's are working hard

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Post  Sun, Mar 15 2020, 8:07 pm
I work in the office of a kosher grocery.

Thursday, Friday and today I was asked to help out at the register bc the line was out into the aisles.

Please remember, during this season of Passover and panic that your cashier's are people too.

They are working hard. Standing for hours. Without breaks. Scanning. And bagging. And standing. And swiping. And it's not easy.

Please have a nice word. And if something doesn't scan right. Don't yell or make a fuss. You can point it out nicely, but don't complain.. they might not even know if it is supposed to be on sale.

It's not their fault if something isn't in the system or isn't ringing up on sale. It's mine bc I was called out to the register and can't finish doing all my computer work.

And please, be kind to the baggers also, they are going as quick as they can whole trying to keep in mind to pack like foods together. And not make the bags too heavy. And keep your Passover separate from your non-passover and keep your meat apart from dairy etc.

And it's not our fault we ran out of boxes. You are all shopping at the same time, and we don't have a spare worker to sit and build the boxes. To bag with bags is much faster. And we don't even have enough baggers, bc we called our stockers to go bag, so now the shelves are empty. Bc the stockers are bagging and the office ppl are ringing you up.

And we have many more deliveries than needed. So we might no be able to deliver your order that you shopped. Or we might have to cut off deliveries totally. We are trying to balance everyone but it's not always possible.

Please have patience. And kind words. It costs nothing extra and really lifts me mood even you remember I am a person also.
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Post  Sun, Mar 15 2020, 8:15 pm
So true!! I am so grateful for all the grocery staff - all the people I’ve come in contact had been absolutely amazing, especially considering all the extra volume and stress they’re under! I really appreciate all the hard work you do - thank you so much!!!
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