PSA coronavirus can stay in air for 3 hours

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Post  Tue, Mar 17 2020, 1:17 pm
Im not trying to sow further panic, but I do think its important for people to be aware of new findings as they come out...
Its possible that what we have been told for weeks about how covid19 is spread is now outdated information.
New research from princeton indicates it can live in the air in aerosol form for up to 3 hours. So its not simply "droplet spread" (where the virus falls straight to the ground)anymore, and we may be spreading it through the air for hours after the infected person has left.

Use this information to make your daily decisions when trying to limit your exposure.

May we all be healthy.

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Post  Tue, Mar 17 2020, 1:27 pm
Yes the CDC is way behind
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Post  Tue, Mar 17 2020, 6:21 pm
I read this study. They were testing aersolized versions of the virus which, contrary to the article posted, were NOT meant to simulate a cough. They were meant to simulate procedures and tests that are done in a hospital (like to intubate or extubate a patient, like when you have to put someone on a ventilator CVS) that, due to the way the procedure or test is conducted, aersolize viruses that are normally only spread through droplet transmission. This is invaluable information for hospital staff who need to be as safe as possible when conducting these tests and procedures, but doesn't really have an impact on recommendations already in place for everyday people.

Everyone who is well should continue to be well, and everyone who is feeling ill should have a refuah sheleimah, BzH.
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